Help on Effect/Plug-in

would anyone be able to tell me what effect/compression/plug-in JazzFM have used on this? Thanks

Hi David,

I’ve had a look and listen to this file. I think the short answer to this is its a combination of the following:- EQ, Compression, Saturation and Reverb.

Here is a more in-depth answer if you’re wanting to try and reproduce this effect yourself…

EQ - Using a HPF (High Pass Filter) with a gentle slope to either turn down or remove the lower voice tones and some of the harmonics. Mike has done a video of him producing the same effect here:-

It’s a different filter type but basically the same result. You could use a ‘Low Shelving Filter’ which can also produce similar results. Your choice here, it really depends on what you have available to you.

Compression (Dynamics Processing) - A small amount of compression on the voice here helps with all the words to be more forward and equal in volume to each other. (It also reduces transient peaks but I’m not going to get into that here). Once again Mike has produced a quick video to help with this:-

Saturation - It is subtle on this but adds ‘colour’ to the higher harmonics of the voice. Again this effect can be easily overdone so be careful when applying any to audio. I don’t know if Mike has a video on this, however he has done one on distortion. (To me they are different in that saturation is like painting with a small fine ‘paint brush’. Distortion is like putting a nail in with a sledge hammer). Here’s another video from Mike. Just keep in mind that this is not just a distortion effect, it has a few other bells and whistle built into it which he demonstrates:-

Reverb - Only a small amount used otherwise it would swamp the vocal. Mike has supplied a couple of videos on this effect as well:-,

Then there is the broadcast dynamics processing for the radio station. Because it’s JazzFM, I doubt that they are using any ‘heavy’ compression/limiting on the transmissions. It would spoil the performance dynamics of the musicians too much.

There you go then, everything you need to get you going… post the results so we can hear what you have come up with… maybe the next big imaging effect. Just remember who pointed you in the right direction! :smiley:

well, Ian, what an amazing response…I was actually reading it whilst on air last night with my straight ahead jazz show. I will have a good read through, and when I have had a chance, I will let you hear how I have got on! The most amazing, in depth response, for which I can only thank you sir

I’m looking forward to hearing what you can come up with…

Hi David,

It has now occurred to me that you could also use an ‘Exciter’ instead of a saturation/distortion plugin as another option here. Treat this one carefully as well because your ears will quickly get used to its effect on your audio. In the past, I have kept increasing the amount being used. Its was only after resting my ears for a while that I realised I had overdone this effect drasticlly and then dialled back the amount used to a more acceptable level. A little does go along way with this one…

thanks so much Ian. Your tips yesterday were AMAZING!! I made a start and have saved them as a favourite in the multitrack. I have used the exciter from time to time on ads I have to run on the shows that are, shall we say, less than premium! Thanks again. I will play with the exciter on this effect and let you hear how I have got on. Seriously grateful!! D