Help Needed on tidying up clicking audio

Hello everyone, I’m tidying up a phone interview that was sent to me to edit, and there are clicks all over the place on it. I’ve done all the restoration attempts I can think of but nothing is working. The clicks are obvious on spectral form but as the interview is over half an hour long, I’d like a way of minimising them or getting rid of them completely. You can see examples in quick succession to the right of the cursor.

Audio glitch - book interview project|323x500

Here’s what the glitches sound like

I’ve gone through declippinga, and messed about with all the sound remover processes. What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the Music Radio Creative community @RudyN!

I personally remove clicks with the “Spot Healing Brush Tool” in Adobe Audition spectral frequency although it may take a while for a 30 minute interview.

If you record an interview over phone, the quality will be much lower and you will probably get glitches, clicks etc.

We use Zoom and Cleanfeed for our podcast and I find the quality is better and the interview sounds crystal clear.

It would be interesting to know what equipment and service you used to record this interview :slight_smile:

Thanks Bjorn. The spot healing doesn’t work in this case as the clicks cover the entire frequency range and it will take out the dialogue. Is there any combination of treatments that can minimise the damage? I should also make a correction and say that the interview was done via Clean Feed.
Any help gratefully received!

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Hi, just a question, did you convert the audio to match your project bitrate and samplerate??

Hi @RudyN, no worries :slight_smile:

@Mike is there a better way to do this?