Help! I have no idea how to work with audio files. However, I recently had a voicemail left on my phone

There was a conversation about me partly recorded but it is difficult to understand the second half, 10 second or so. Is there a way to clean the voice from the background noise to determine what was said? What software would be used? or are there companies that do that sort of thing?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Danielle. It’s hard to say without hearing the audio whether or not it’s salvagable but obviously as it’s personal you can’t share it.

There are many digital audio workstations available but in terms of noise reduction Adobe audition is the world leader.

As I guess you have no interest in audio and would just use it for the one project I would suggest downloading Audition from the Adobe website and activating the trial period.

Once in there you have noise reduction tools at your disposal. Probably for what you want you would need to capture a noise print and then use that noise print to eradicate the noise.

In simple terms you need to load your audio into audition, find a bit with no speaking (the background noise) got to effect, noise reduction and capture noise print. The select all the audio and run noise reduction which will analyse the frequencies in your noise print (the background audio you selected) and remove those frequencies from the rest of the audio.

This will hopefully help you decipher the conversation as best you can.

Hi there, post the message and we can try to fix it for.