HELP! Double voice intonation recording

I have a bit of a sticky wicket! Did a live stream and everything was great…up until one of the on camera talent decided to click on their computer to switch between their script and as it so happens the broadcast…which of course inadvertently added a wicked echo to two of the other presenters voices. Two voice intonations.

Is there any way to correct that in post? It’s not voice echo per se and I cannot seem to isolate it either.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Hi Shredder, do or can you post the example what happened? If the echo or reverb is in the recording it will be hard to remove. Plops and clicks are quite easy toe remove with Adobe Audition, but an echo or reverb possible not , unless you used the multitrack from Audition, then only remove the reverb from the channel where it is in.
Hope this can be helpfull.


Dj Pablo (Paul is the real name :smiley: )

Unfortunately doubled up voice (unlike echo) is pretty near possible to remove. That’s likely an issue with camera audio being activated in the scene in OBS or whatever you use to stream.

To fix this next time head into the relevant scene and be sure to mute the camera audio.