Having issues with Adobe Presets

Hello everyone! I am fairly new at this and having some issues. I just purchased the Adobe Audition Presets 3.0 and finally had a chance to try them out. Just wondering if there are ways to change or tweak the presets in some way? I have taken a raw untouched audio sample with my Rode Procaster and then ran it through the presets and it sounds awful. There is a very tinny sound some background noise( which is strange…never had that before with a Dynamic mic) and very hissing S sounds. I really want this to work and I am sure it is something that is an easy fix. Please help

If I posted a sample could someone have a listen and offer up any suggestions?

Hi @rdrew, sorry for a late reply!

Yes, you can defiantly modify the presets. Open the “effects rack” panel under the “window” menu and you can open each effect and tweak it or turn it off. You will most likely want to adjust the compressors as they would be the ones causing these issues.

I would recommend keeping a backup of the original though, as you might want to go back to it.

Thanks for posting the sample @rdrew. It seems your mic has some sibilance which is enhanced by running it through the presets.

I’d recommend adding a DeEsser to cut down on those hissing S sounds. Here’s something I dialed in for you. You’ll likely need to play with threshold but you can make centre frequency 6000 and bandwidth 4000. Place this on your VO channel or even the master channel if your mix is voice only.