Halloween Mixes #MegaThread!

Hi All!

Post all your halloween mixes here! Such a great way for everybody to get involved in the community!

I’ll post mine when they’re done!

All the best!

Ross :ghost:

Thanks for starting this thread @Ross!

Here’s the Halloween beatmix I created on the stream today:

  • Ray Parker, Jr. - Ghostbusters
  • ELO - Evil Woman
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller

All mixed at 120 BPM and with keys of A, B and C we weren’t too far off with blending each track :slight_smile:


Loved watching how a Pro does his work! :wink:

This week I’m too busy by the time the live show is, but I’m watching the replays @Mike, I see you considered my suggestion on Thriller. It sounds great!!! Thanks!!

Might could use this on the show today


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I’ll make one later tonight and post it, song suggestions anyone?

I found this playlist by Topsify on Spotify with 100 songs:

That should give some great inspiration :slight_smile: :ghost:


Thanks Mike!! I’ll give ya a little mention when I’ve made it.

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