Griffin PowerMate: Control edit functions Zoom/Vertical/Horizontal Scroll in event view in Adobe Audition or similar DAWS

MIKE. Here’s the PowerMate I referred to earlier.

Griffin DAW and Midi Controller

Amazon Link

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That looks slick, almost Apple-esque, have you tried it @The_Tone_Arranger? Is it worth the price tag?

Great and for portable work too on Laptop.
Think of holding a wire in your left hand and the soldering iron in your right hand and the solder and component to be soldered in your middle hand.

So I got screen movement controlled by my left hand with press for zooms etc and executions and editing with mouse in right hand. Fully programmable.
Less time resting hand on keyboard.
Treat yourself. I reckon it’s better that the shuttle express you tried at the Adobe Expo.

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