Green Screen: You Make It Appear So Easy - But How?

Love your shows!

I do webinars and your show gives me lots of ideas on how to improve my production.

Looking at your live Friday show, it appears you don’t have anything every exotic for your green screening. I don’t see fancy lighting and the green screen really isn’t visible either. Could you please share how you’ve set up your studio for green screening and made it at least appear, so easy?


Then use Chroma Key in Wirecast.

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Thanks so much for asking @dougpipersr and a warm welcome here too!

I use a green screen from Elgato. It’s great, just out of shot and pops up and down easily.

There’s plenty of lighting in our studio (but that’s out of shot too) :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you!

Since everything I’m interested in at the moment is “out of the shot” any chance you could share a photo that shows the lighting and green screen?

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