GarageBand (and Logic Pro X) for Mac Question

Hello, my name is Kenny Stavis
I am new to this group. I am glad to be here.

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of forums but I was asked to post my question here. So, here goes.

I own a MAC computer desktop and I am running OX 10.8.5 mountain lion. Cannot upgrade just yet till it catches up to ProTools 10 HD my main DAW on this computer.

Here’s the problem. I had Garageband on this computer and Garageband somehow became corrupt. I took it off of my computer thinking that I could go to apple and reload it.
I was told to get Logic and I will forget about Garageband. Well, I have a small problem with Logic too but, I really miss Garageband.

I can’t reload it (Garageband) because all I could find are the new versions which are too high for my computer.

Do you know of anyone out there that may be able to help me get it back? Apple Corporation is no help.

While I’m here, my Logic Pro X problem is that when I record a track (Midi or Audio), there is a tone recorded into the track (like a tone generator tone). It appears as a red event at the bottom of the track. It is very annoying and I have remove it upon playback. I thought this problem unique to LOGIC PRO X and went for help. No one had a clue. Then the problem happened in Garageband. I was seeking help for this problem when the file became corrupt - sent me an error message and shut down my computer. I rebooted, took it off my computer and now you know the rest of the story.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Have you tried calling your local Apple Store? I had a similar problem years ago and they had the disks to reinstall the correct version.


Hey Ken, a warm welcome to the MRC community!

Thanks for asking your questions about GarageBand and Logic Pro X. Two awesome MIDI audio editors for Mac. Here are some suggestions from me:

  1. Old Versions of GarageBand - If you previously purchased GarageBand you may find the older version listed in your “Purchases” tab on the App Store app. Download and install from there.

  2. Logic Pro X Tone - I’ve never experienced this before. Check to make sure all guides like metronome are switched off and make sure you have correct audio inputs and outputs selected.

I hope you have some more luck with this @kmans1028!