Gain? podcast.adobe

I have tested my microphone in podcast.adobe. Everything is perfect. but here is something the result says about gain(the location goes to more gain). can anyone talk about this? How can I solve this and make my voice better?

Mic Check from Adobe | Analyze your microphone setup for free

What mic are you using?

Depending on the mic you may need to turn the gain up on the mic (USB) or audio interface (XLR). If it’s a dynamic (like Shure SM7B) you may need to boost the signal using a Cloudlifter. Cool tool. Do post more on your setup so we can help further.

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I used MAONO AU-A04(USB) Mic.

The “gain” in this context refers to the level of amplification applied to the microphone input. If the result of your test is indicating that the location has “more gain,” it means that the microphone is louder than desired.

To solve this experiment with the gain settings on your microphone: Some microphones allow you to adjust the gain (amplification) level. If you find that your microphone is picking up too much you can try reducing the gain. Also check your sound settings to see if you can lower gain settings on your computer.

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