Frequecies for louder sound

Hi! I have a mono 5" speaker (car horn), 15 Watts RMS Nominal Power, 25 Watts Peak Maximum Power with frequency response 450Hz-5.000Hz and the output volume is suppose to be around 112db. But it is not that loud at all … May be because the sound files that I play through the speaker have range 20Hz-20.000Hz.
The file 2.mp3 is quite loud but file 2.mp3 isn’t so much.
So I was wondering if it is possible to tweak the audio file (its frequencies) so it would be as loud as it can be (but not clipping).
Thank You!

The easiest way to do this is to use Favorites > Normalize to -0.1 dB on both tracks. That will make them the loudest they can be without clipping. No need to play with frequencies here :slight_smile:

Ihave already tried that but it is no use, 2.mp3 is much quieter than 1.mp3.
I thought may be the frequence for instance 6.000Hz is mush louder than other frequences and the speaker goes only to 5.000Hz then the sound will be quieter. But if I would make frequences 450-5.000Hz the loudest and then normalize it the sound will be louder. Or am I wrong?