Free Music Beds!

Hi there!
I just found some FREE music beds here:

Make sure you read carefully what you are and are not allowed to do with certain tracks. There’s a green box that explains a couple things and an FAQ that you may want to read too.

I checked out this site for myself and I was impressed. His songs are a perfect mix and the few I sampled would fit the work. Thank you for an amazing find.

I agree. The music is fantastic - I’m glad it helped you too! :wink:

It’s a very interesting model, as long as you don’t monitize the content you can use it for free, otherwise you pay. Couldn’t see much about licensing for podcasting there?

Hi Izabela,

I replied to an email you sent me regarding “Podcast Branding Secrets”.

I really liked what you shared and all points are well taken.

I’m considering a hosted Radio Show and a supporting Podcast to highlight the music I play and the people that create it. (Talk about Music, Creating it and broadcasting it via the internet)

All or most of the music will be Copyrighted Material which I’ll need a license from BMI, ASCAP or both to broadcast over the internet via a digital service such as &

Could or would the above arrangement with BMI & ASCAP for digital broadcasters from the U.S. be a legitimate workaround for item #1 on you list of things Not-To-Do… “1. Never use copyrighted material” ?

Copyright Issues keep popping up and appears to be a big hairy monster that must be cleared before starting out.

Where can I learn about acquiring the right licensing internet radio broadcasting and podcasting so as to avoid potential problems as you pointed out as being “not worth it all together”.

I’d love to get your take on this idea and or directions to learn about it.

It seems like I should know this beforehand.

Thanks Lawrence

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Thank you so much @Mr-Sunshine! Glad you enjoyed my emails :slight_smile:

Copyright has always been an extremely tricky topic and the main issue is that it varies from one country to the next too. In all honesty I don’t know the answer to the question you have here and you may need to seek legal advice. My understanding is that podcasts, radio and Youtube as a distribution platform are treated very differently by license providers and record labels. And usually you would require specific licensing for EACH intended platform. I would first of all reach out to the radio licensing bodies and ask about that (BMI &ASCAP you have mentioned) - they may have specific licenses that will also cover use on a podcast. That sounds like a good first point of call to me.

Let me know how you get on with your findings - would love to know what you find along the way!

Thank you Izabela.

That seems to be the next step for me.

Yes, I will keep you posted… Sorry for the delayed reply.

Lawrence aka Mr. Sunshine

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No problem at all and best of luck with it :slight_smile:

Thank You,AudioGeek!

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