First Time Trying To Use Presets - Help

I just recorded a podcast interview for my podcast The Golf Improvement Podcast, and have some questions.

I did the recording through Skype, but the person on the other line was on a cell phone.

I loaded the presets in my present version of Audition, and then loaded the audio file.

So the questions…

  1. Should I normalize the audio to -0.1 db before I do anything else to it?

  2. I pulled the audio from the podcast into the Skype track. When I do that, does the track automatically do some processing of the audio file, or do I need to do something else?

  3. I tried to close the file that I had put into the preset. I got a message asking me if I wanted to save the preset file - I would have thought I would get a message to save the file that I pulled into the preset? Hope you can clear this up.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @TonyGIG thanks for posting your questions, see my answers below:

  1. Yes you can do, this generally helps with volume of audio, although the presets are already helping with it so you may find that’s too much - see how audio sounds before and after.
  2. Yes that will do everything you need it to.
  3. You will need to mix down the entire session file into a file to get all the presets applied. So go to Multitrack> Mixdown Session to new file > Entire Session in the menu bar in Audition. That will do the trick. Hope this helps!

Izabela, thanks for your reply and your help.

So to summarize - if I do a Skype interview I would a) Normalize first to -0.1 db, b) then pull the file into the Skype Preset, then c) then do the Multitrack process you note to let me save the file to a new file name. Correct?

It would be great to be able to see tutorial videos for all of the Preset processes.

Thanks again! Tony

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Thanks Tony and yes that’s exactly it! You can also add your own intro and outro and do specific content cuts inside the multitrack session too if need be.

I will make sure to pass your comments re further videos as well @TonyGIG

I appreciate the feedback, as always, Izabela!!

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