First News Promo Thanks to MRC

I write a 30 minute long-form news feature for my radio station every year. After binge-watching Mike’s youtube stuff, I asked our production team if I could take a crack at this year’s promo. Any glaring problems? I’d appreciate the feedback!

MOD EDIT: Reformatted the link to the audio so it got embedded, and was therefore easier to listen to. -DH


Very Nicely Done! I love those presets as well.

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Really cool production @PaigeWilliams!

I’d perhaps lower the music bed a little more and add some extra compression and EQ to the vocals in order to help them cut across.

Mixing and vocal effects are spot on :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Mike (and everyone!) for the suggestions. I’ve already added them to the mix and have sent the updated promo to the station for air. Thanks so much! :grin: