Feedback Using Adobe Audition and the podcast presets

Hi Guys,

Would really appreciate it, if you could take a minute and listen to my snippet. I am really new to audio, so I don’t have any clue how I can improve my audio.
General recommendations are welcome or tweaks concerning the presets or audition settings, anything you can think of.

Because new members are not allowed to upload files, I have created a dropbox link to it.

Dropbox link:

Cheers guys!

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Sounding good! Very intimate, with no nasty echo and very little room noise. Great for podcasting. Is that the purpose?

You’re both quite close to the mic, so there’s the occasional plosive, the female ‘s’ sound is a little strong and the male voice has a lot of bass. Easily solved - just move back a little!

Sounds like you’ve normalized this file and perhaps run some compression on it?

You can get a little more clarity by using EQ to run a high-pass filter on it: go to Effects / Filter and EQ / Graphic Equalizer (10 bands) and pull the first two or three faders right down.

You’re both a little ‘mouth clicky’ - you can cure this simply by drinking more water in the hours before your record, and avoiding dairy products, chocolate and similar sticky food. There are also de-clicker plugins you can use. Here’s a little demo for you:

Overall, I’d normalize, de-click, EQ (as described above) and compress. Mike’s got some great videos on YouTube to start you off on these topics, and it looks like his new course covers everything you need to know.



Glenn, you are the men, what a great way of helping people, really really appreciated. Mike you did a great job of bringing all these people together here <3.
Thanks again, Glenn, podcasting is indeed the set up. We are going to work with your recommendations! Cheers mate!