EXPORT > SESSION or SAVE AS no longer working?

Has anyone ever encountered a time when exporting session did NOT work, such as I am encountering now? Or using the SAVE AS function also did not work? I love to increment daily work and I would do the export session or use SAVE AS > renaming the file and placing in a new folder and now… well, nothing is happening and I am stumped and terrified I will lose some important work. Having exported the mix once for a client review, would that cause this weirdness? Any response would be most appreciated!

Using Audition CC 2019
MacMini Late 2014
3 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

What error message do you get @donnlawler? Can you provide a screenshot?

It may be worth a copy and paste of the session to a new session file and see if that works.

That’s happened to me on my Mac! I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall adobe cc 2019 after updating my Mac to the latest version of Mac OS. It’s a painful process but it worked for me.

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Additionally, if you going to do the uninstall process be sure to screenshot your editing settings as it will save you a ton of time if you lose anything during the reinstall. Hope it works for you, Best Wishes!

Well Mike, that’s the thing… I don’t get an error message. It’s just that nothing happens. I’ll point everything to a new folder and hit the save button and all the files used in the session will move over to the new folder but a new, renamed .sesx file does not render nor do any of the Bounce, Conformed or Back Up folders.

I don’t really have a screen shot to speak of except I can show all the times this did work until it stopped… But that’s just a list of folders with all assets.

I will try the copy and paste. The session is almost finished. A few minor tweaks here and there and once I bounce out the stereo file to the editor, I’ll give it a try. I would hate to bugger it up at the stage in the game!

Thank you for your input! It is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for that danromovoiceovers. I did try an uninstall earlier on, but as the session is almost finished, I’ll try all of that once I bounce out the final mix.

Thank you for your input!