Essential Studio Rack Equipment

Here’s some of the best and most essential rack gear I’ve found for a home studio environment. I recommend al this equipment as I’m using it myself!

Studio Equipment Rack Furniture

The rack mount I’m using is integrated into the awesome ZAOR MIZA X2 desk that I’ve just setup which has 12 available rack mount slots.

Best Studio Rack Equipment

I’m going to make a video detailing everything in depth but here’s a quick look at the gear you’ll find in the MRC live studio audio racks:

Left Rack

Behringer POWERPLAY PRO-8 HA8000 V2 - You can add up to 2 inputs and 8 outputs. I use it to monitor desk (raw) output vs. compressed (live stream) output and feed guest headphones.

Middle Rack

Custom 2U Rack - This is for 2 x Elgato Stream Decks. Video coming soon on how this was created with custom logo.

Furman M-10x E - A power conditioner to provide nice clean power to all my 19" rack units, mixer, studio monitors etc.

Right Rack

dbx 166xs - Stereo compressor to compress all audio before it goes out to the live stream.

dbx 215s - EQ to shape the sound of our audio before it hits the 166xs compressor… just because I can! :sunglasses:

dbx 286s - Best microphone preamp/processor ever in my opinion. This is for the host microphone.

dbx 286s - Another unit, because they are so cool, for the guest microphone.

Help Me Fill My Audio Rack!

Now, over to you, I need suggestions to fill the other 4 spaces that remain. 19" blanking plates are no fun. I much prefer some awesome 19" audio racks. The more lights the better but practical is also handy :slight_smile:


I heard someone use silence detector unit to alarm you if live stream is glitching or if it’s down. I know software can do this as well, but it’s cool. :rofl: