Ending on first beat and then some reverb?


I remember an episode where creating some content, (perhaps a sweeper?). I remember you were mentioning how one should end on the first beat, then you throw in some reverb (I think) to make it sound like it ended naturally. That was a great effect but I cannot remember which episode that was in.

I was wondering if you can either devote one of your new live shows to this… that is… how to end a sweeper in the middle of a track bed, and make it sound natural. This is good especially if there is more than one way to do it. If not a show, how about one of your Mike’s Adobe Audition Minute shows, If all else fails… perhaps you can just point me to the episode where you showed how to make that happen. I know it wasn’t too long ago.


Thanks for the question, Louis. I’ll make sure to dedicate a live stream to answering and demonstrating this in January :slight_smile: