ENCN in multitrack

I asked @Mike today about normalisation not appearing in the chain in multi-track as it has to be performed in the wav view. Is there a way I can normalise in ‘the chain’ in multitrack? For instance match clip volume? And if I use match volume, would a good target be -14 lufs? We are talking about an interview…voices only?

Hi @David

The best way would be to normalize what is required in wav view, but if you need to do it or would prefer to do it in multi-track, then match clip loudness would be your option as far as I know. Perhaps someone else has some light to shed on this?

You would need to listen to the tracks and decide which volume is best for the tracks to produce it to the desired quality and result.

I do hope I have helped you today. Please let us know here in the community how you get on and if you need any further help. :slight_smile:

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thanks David - I guess if there is no real benefit to having it in the chain, then I may just as well go back to wav. I just wanted to be sure I was carrying out the task in the correct manner. Thanks @DavidHunterScot

Normalization is only available in the multitrack.

You’re usually shooting for a percentage amplitude or target dB when you normalize (or normalise as we may say this side of the pond) :slight_smile:

@DavidHunterScot is spot on about performing this in the Waveform view of Adobe Audition.

There’s a feature I use more often, these days, in the multitrack. Right click all your audio then select Match Clip Loudness. This will bring all your audio to the same apparent loudness. A slightly different process to normalizing but much the same result. The difference is this will be a non-destructive process.