effects real time waveform doesn'tdisplay

I noticed that when opening tutorials for

the parametric equalizer window or FFT filter window and while playing an audio file there’s a real time display of frequency-db waveforms; but unfortunately I dont have this important real time waveform pattern showing in my pc.
I noticed also there are some videos of yours that AREN’T showing this real time visualization of waveform pattern.

So my question is how can I show this visualization in the effects windows; is it a settings problem on the software or is it an underspec hardware.

And this is definitely the latest version? This feature was only introduced in an update last year so if you’re running an old version it won’t be there.

Thanks for your reply and time.
Both photos came form the same version or at least same year Adobe Audition 2017.
If there is any sub versions from this year please let me know.
my version is 2017.0.2
Thanks again

I’m not sure the exact version it was introduced in but it was towards the middle or end of last year so will be one of the 2017 releases.

The Adobe change log here will tell you which version you need.


You should be able to update using the creative cloud programme. This will inform you of updates available to any/all your creative cloud subscriptions and will update you to the latest available version(s).

I think from memory yours may well still be either the January/February 2017 version which is almost certainly not the version that introduced these features so your only option is to update.

Out of interest is there any reason you’ve not updated to the latest versions in your subscription? There were many features and improvements released in the 2018 versions.