Editing out a couple of squeaks

Any way I can get rid of these two squeaks using Audition? Tried editing in spectral view but can’t seem to isolate them. Have got RX 7 Elements, but nothing there is doing the trick either.


You mean like this @glenncarey… Oh I I only heard one squeak so i only fixed one

Definitely dulled it down a bit. How did you do that MSJ? I think to get rid of it completely I may need to also do a little destructive editing on it, too.

There’s another squeak at the beginning, under ‘fortunate’. I’ve since eliminated this by editing in a sound from a similar sounding word, later on in the recording.

And I’m sending the client a can of WD40!

It was done in Au3 … it was destructive editing in the spectral view …

The offending squeek was about 220-400 hz … I located the offender & dialed that spot back -15dB see pic