Dual recording – merging two tracks

I have a Tascam handheld recorder and it has a function to record two tracks at the same time. It is called Dual recording, and it is very good, because you can choose either two file formats, or one lowered track and one in the normal gain. I use the second option to have better dynamic range.
And the thing is, I would like to try to mix these two tracks somehow in audition without manual fading from one to the other each time there is some clipping to be removed. I use this function for recording theatre plays, so the scene is just naturally very dynamic. And to harmonise the whole track (one hour) by hand is kind of misery.
This is how the waveform of the two tracks looks:

Hope that someone maybe has a tip how to put them together using any automatical function…
Thank you!

Merge two audio tracks together? You can try an audio joiner. Such a tool that I often use to merge audio tracks and video clips is named Joyoshare Video Joiner. It is compatible with various file format and merge them without quality loss at 60 X faster speed. May it be of use to you.

Why would you not just process and use the lower gain track that has no clipping in it? It has the dynamic range included which you can see from the waveform