DTMF Phone Tones

Anyone got a quick way in AA to add the appropriate phone tones under the mix rather than record one wave file and chop and place each clip?

CEP2 feature included.

Not a plugin but it should save you time recording.


Here is what you wanted, hopefully I’ve added the phone tones at the right volume.

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Thanks for your time Mike although there must be an easier way with a VST added to my workflow. I rolled off the bottom end < 800Hz and boosted the 2-3K range by 3.5db rather than touch the volume after making a fresh wave file.

Cheque in post.

LOL cheque in post. Would that be the voice of one Joanna Lumley on the commercial, sounds great, i love the acc guitar in the background, nice and easy on the ear.

Thank you so much for the DTMF tone addition to your commercial.


Useful Phone SFX Library


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Great little SFX library there @The_Tone_Arranger. I love Storyblocks Audio!

The “Cell Phone Smart Phone Vibrate” effect could fool many that their phone is going off. I remember the days of Tarrant in the Morning on Capital FM when Nokia phones were all the rage.

You’d occasionally hear the default Nokia ring tone in the middle of a record. Very cheeky!