Dropped Sample Rates

Hello. I need some help with sample drops when I record. When I save the audio and listen it back I hear a lot of click sounds and also sentences that skip some words.

It sounds probable that your PC just isn’t keeping up. This can be due to a failing hard drive or even just the fact it’s not up to spec.

Ideally you’d want multiple hard drives in your PC. Mine is set up specifically for this.

I have an SSD for the OS and programs. I have a second SSD as a temp drive for either recording audio or for rendering. If I absolutely had to record audio while rendering I would pause the render.

I have a mechanical hard drive for audio and a mechanical hard drive for video. These are both 7200rpm drives. There’s one more mechanical hard drive for general files and one for my ripped box sets and movies for my media server but again if I’m recording audio the media server is shut down.

At a minimum you want a 7200rpm drive for your data as this will go a long way to eradicate the drooped samples. I’m not saying you need to go as far as me with six hard drives but at a minimum you want to be using a 7200rpm drive and ideally you would like ore than one drive to keep scratch files and audio files separate.