DJ production techniques

I’d just like to ask how many audio producers have a background as DJs?
I always find it really difficult to choose which songs to use, and this is because my background in audio production has been in editing, audio restoration and using library music and a few pre-made effects.
I’ve never done music station work but am always super-impressed by the big CHR imaging, especially the Australian stations. But when I listen to them I have no idea where to start!
Software like Mixed in Key is good for key and BPM, but what about mood?
I’ve been thinking about going on a DJ course with stuff like Serato just to learn different ways of doing transitions, but do producers in radio stations use this? I don’t think so…

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Have a look here and you’ll find everything you need to learn about imaging production in the course

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@fubidou im working as a dj and radio producer. i understand what you are asking. so you probably heard on some radio station 3-4 song in less than 30sec. On that kind of radio station every element in that kind of jinglee or beatmix everything is in the key mixed. From voiceover music efx everything is in the key. so when you do that kind jingle be sure that your songs are in the same key or in the key that match to each other (check ) also they are using accapellas, beat loops. in generally that kind of jingles are little beat advanced. to make that kind of jingle it takes some time to practice. Also there is a great dj sofwtare that can help you to mix in bpm and same key it called mixmeister.

Thanks @Omke, I appreciate you know what I’m talking about!. I listen to some of the mixes on the big CHR stations stuff like this, and the stuff is so well put together it’s daunting! I have Mixed in Key, and that’s useful. There’s also energy too though… something can be in the same key and BPM, but have a completely different feel. But I’m going to keep trying!

exactly you must keep trying…the one thing you can do is recreating that imaging (your link) or something else.

Have a look at this video @Mike made a couple of years back. Should help with exactly what you want

Radio imaging mix