Distance between microphones

What would you reckon would be the closest two mics could be if we were facing each other therefore the mics backs are pointing at each other before its too close and they start to bleed into each other

I am redoing my studio with the limited space i have

Hi - a lot would depend on the type of mics you’re using - i’d suggest a good supercardiod mic like a Rode NTG3B not a condensor mic. These don’t really pick up sound behind them or to the side - but it won’t be perfect, for example if both mics are only 50cm away, I’m certain there would be a tiny pick-up when amplified - but it will be minimal - good enough for podcast/youtube - goo dluck

Agreed with @GAV here. You’ll need microphones with good rear rejection.

The best method is to have as much space as you can between mics. The Heil PR40 has always had good rear rejection from my understanding.