Different voices

Could you please recommend best waves.com filter that help me to produce different and multi voices from my voice ? Like to create old man , childish voices
I have tried some but still wish any brtter

There are a couple you’ll really like.

Waves MetaFilter for doubling up your voice into many, many voices.

The best one for altering a voice is Waves OVox. You can do anything from a monster to a pitch shift to a singing vocoded style voice.

Plenty of fun to be had! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, the second one (OVox) seems to be so wonderful
but actually, I’m wishing to find the perfect Pitch changer if you recommend any

Thanks again

Thanks Mike. Does this do Sonovox, or if not, could you recommend a product or manual method to re-produce the PAMS Sonovox effect for my own voice ? Cheers