Different types of imaging

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Is anyone able to explain, in short, how each of these imaging should be correctly used and what they’re for please?

  • Idents
  • Beds
  • Sweepers
  • Power Intros
  • Promos
  • Music Mix
  • TOH’s
  • Stingers


  • Idents - Station, Show or host name with or without music and or sfx

  • Beds - Music under VO or host intro or chat. This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY85ET2gXGQ

  • Sweepers - VO station ID and tagline eg. “All Hit Radio - playing all the hits.”

  • Power Intros - Attention grabber, designed to introduce the hottest new music or including an artist VO to introduce their song. .

  • Promos - Pre-recorded in-house show or feature advert.

  • Music Mix or Teaser - A short audio montage promo of show content played on a previous show and or at the beginning or as a promo featuring music on the show’s playlist.
    This http://bit.ly/2JD4prZ

  • TOH’s - preamble 10 second countdown talkover preceding Station or show ID countdown to top of the hour time sig. or news package. LBC TOH https://youtu.be/XmTnGvl5qtY?t=3

  • Stingers This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71N_B5P5T90
    Or when someone wins an Oscar for eg. the music played as they walk up to the stage.

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What is your purpose for asking?
Do you want to be a Radio DJ or an audio producer?
If so, make demos, then make better demos, then make professional demos.
If you can’t get in the door, try a different door.
It’s the old catch 22, You need experience to be a Radio DJ and to get experience you got to be a Radio DJ.
How do you get experience?
Well in my case I was a cocky 13 yr old back in the late 60s when the pirates were in full swing and I ran a live radio show from a busy hair salon on the high street on saturday afternoons and played the hits and made adverts promoting their colouring specials and perms. It had a live Disco feel that bled out onto the thoroughfare and brought the punters in. Great vibes especially on a hot summer’s day and playing summer sounds.

If the door won’t open, kick it.

Great response from @The_Tone_Arranger! Here’s what those terms mean to me:

Radio Jingle and Production Jargon Definitions


A voice over jingle lasting 5-15 seconds in duration. Identifying the radio station name.


Production library music, with no vocals, for radio hosts to talk over. Beds are also often used for commercials and can come in cut lengths of 30, 60, 90 seconds and so on.


These are generally voice over jingles designed to sweep from one song to the next. Hence a radio sweeper will whoosh in and echo or reverb out into another song.

e.g. [whoosh] “5 Great Songs in A Row” [static fx] “on Radio Station FM” [echo]

Power Intros

These are popular songs with the intros remixed (before the lead vocal starts). They’ll often drop the hook of the song up front and integrate the radio station name. If the radio station has a sung logo this will often be included in order to brand the station name into the heads of the listeners.

Power Intro Examples (produced by Music Radio Creative):


A 30 second (or more in duration) promotion for something happening on the radio station. A contest, giveaway, themed weekend etc. It’s like a commercial but for something happening at the radio station.

Music Mix

A mix of typical songs you can expect to hear on a radio station. It’s usually no more than 3 tracks mixed together with SFX and voice over branding. Beat mixes take it a step further and keep the BPM constant throughout the short branding mix.

Example (produced by Music Radio Creative):


Top of Hour. A jingle usually with sung beginning and end and a music bed in the middle for the radio host to announce what’s coming up in the next hour on the radio station.

Example (produced by Music Radio Creative):


A short and simple voice over jingle usually of no more than 3 seconds with a single sound effect. Great for breaking up a show or long talking section on the radio station.

e.g. [bang sfx] “94.8 Radio Station Name”

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