Diagnostic Delete silence not working in Multitrack

Hi all
I am new here, but working already a long time with audition and followed some of Mike Russels youtube movies with good explanation.
But now I am running into somthing that I do not understand why it is not working(When following the project about delete silence it was working…) I made my next radio compilation and wanted to delete silence with the Effects/diagnostics.delete silence, but the screen is greyed out…
So what went wrong or what did I do wrong?
Using Adobe Audition 2020 build

Welcome @Dj-Pablo and delete silence is a great feature.

It is supported in Adobe Audition only from the very latest update so you may wish to check you’ve upgraded recently. The build I’m using (which supports multitrack delete silence) is Check your build in Help > About Adobe Audition…

Hi Mike,
Yes that was the trick, just did the upgrade to build and works perfect.
Thank you! This simple tool delete silence makes the work with audio a lot easier than using the razorblade.