Destiny or coincidence

Today I travel to Mexico City to the corporate office at my work. I couldn’t be on time to watch the last show today :frowning: but I put a message at the live chat from the airport. When I arrived to Mexico City I order a UBER and the funny thing is the number of the Plate of the UBER. Look @Mike, @Izabela check out the letters that the UBER plate has!!!



Hi @Juanmapinker

That is just a once in a lifetime that! You’ll probably never see that cabby again.

Must be a sign that you should’ve been listening in lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing with us!

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I know @DavidHunterScot, lol, but really I was like HMMMM, this is really incredible but cool!!!

Hahaha we are hunting you everywhere :slight_smile:


Yes!!! It was really weird! You are hunting me for sure lol!

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