Delete posting for specific reason

Maybe put in a feature on deleting a post. I posted something in the wrong grouping and couldn’t remove it - ergo why I am writing this message in edit mode of the incorrect one lol.

Anyway… is deletion possible (or is it here and I am missing it altogether)

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Click on the 3 dots to expand options.

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Ah ok… thanks. Unfortunately I don’t have that trash button

Just click on the 3 dots to reveal.
You get more privileges the longer you are here.

Yep did that… the following image shows what I get…

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When did you join up?

The first day Mike announced this community.

I think that maybe you are clicking on the wrong 3 dots, When I doble click the 3 dots in a post of another person, it displays like your image @kahfluie, no trash button, but when I doble click right on my post, the trash button, appear. Maybe it’s just a confusion thing you are having,

Did you manage to resolve this?