DBX 166xs vs 286s

Hi @Mike
I saw in your youtube, the audio chain you used, even though dbx 286 has all the functionality of compressor, gate, limiter but you used additional 166xs. I am trying to understand the audio instruments.
Could you elaborate more on 166xs, when to use separately.

Great question about the differences in dbx products.

dbx 286s

I use this exclusively as a microphone pre-amp and processor. I plug my mic in the back and it will process the audio and make it sound much better

dbx 166xs

This is an overall compressor and limiter that will ensure the sound of all my audio is processed nicely (music, guests, SFX and more) it’s like the final effect on the master track of my audio before it hits the podcast/live stream/video. It’s there to offer some light compression and ensure there are no random peaks in audio.

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