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Hello MRC my name is Gregory. I have an issue with Adobe Audition and Audacity. I have a small studio and I’ve been using USB microphones. I got them when the pandemic hit in 2019. I still use them for online classes and a few V.O recordings, including pre-recorded radio shows.

I noticed one day that they all stopped working accordingly using the MME audio drivers, not until I switch to ASIO4All which now limits my playback during recordings. This has also affected the Audacity, OBS, WhatsApp, ZOOM and the Windows default Sound Recorder program, degrading the sound quality. I have tried to update the sound drivers, changing the default microphone to REALTEK USB but nothing changes.

With ASIO4ALL which only works with Adobe Audition, the mics will record without any problems. I even had to reset my computer last night thinking the problem will be solved, but to my surprise, the problem has still not been fixed. I feel once this problem is fixed, everything will return to normal.

Please help. For further clarity I can send a screen recorded video.

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your USB mics. It sounds like it could be an issue with the driver.

What operating system are you using? Do you have the latest driver version installed? Have you tried reinstalling the driver? Have you tried using different USB ports? What type of mic are you using?

Any other details you can provide may be helpful in troubleshooting the issue.

My pc runs on Windows 11. Am running on the latest Windows update release. I have tried all that I could.

I have the Maono AU-A04 USB Mic along side the Sudotack ST-800 USB Mic. In the beginning, everything worked very well without any issue.

I even watched your tutorial on how to can connect two USB mics and it all went perfectly. Not until this one day when it just stopped working accordingly.

Recording two USB microphones simultaneously on a PC typically requires ASIO4ALL. This is standard behavior and MME may not support both microphones simultaneously. To resolve any issues, try updating the USB microphone drivers, disabling any additional audio inputs (such as Realtek), or reinstalling Windows 11 or Adobe Audition as a final solution if other efforts are unsuccessful.

Hello Mike am back again… So I raised a few bucks and managed to at least upgrade my studio. I purchased The Rodecaster Pro 1 with an Audio Technica AT2020. But I’ve been trying to achieve a professional way of audio processing for radio ads and podcasts. Getting audio to sound the same “uniform”. I’ve attached illustrated images downloaded from the internet.

Hello Mike, any help on this :point_up_2:t5:?