Could you map a ducking procedure to feed the long reverb effect?

Could you map a ducking procedure to feed the long reverb effect?

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Hi Ben. I’m just going to watch a YouTube video to refresh my memory on ducking.

To start you off with something to play with, I have a bus in my mix which has a reverb effect on it. Dry is turned right down and wet is up 60% - so only the reverb effect goes thru and not the dry signal. The volume fader basically then adjusts how much signal is going through the reverb. The original signal also goes straight out to the main mix, I guess meaning that makes the reverb bus a sidechain?

When the audio ducking is working, we can hopefully change the fader on the reverb bus and achieve what we’re after.

So, I’ll get back to you after this video gets a look.

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Cado mentioned using the VST3 Lexicon 480 that can be triggered to set the level.

THE BRIEF In an audiobook production I’m planning the cues for, I need to set up a guy softly talking in an alleyway and slowly walking away and the long reverb giving the effect of distance.

Thanks for that @Hot_Jazz_Chick That’s pretty much it though not in an alleyway.


This is my audiobook setup

Hmm… What were you exactly asking for again? When the signal gets quieter the reverb gets longer automatically? Like a walking away effect like @Hot_Jazz_Chick is talking about? Or an object moving off into the distance?

I’m not really sure if there is anything built-in to Audition that can achieve that. If you can’t find a plug-in that can do it for you, the only answer I can think of is manual automation (nice paradox there).

so I’m not sure if I have been of any help to you with this one, Ben. Sorry about that.

Ok Dave. I’ll pretend it’s a singer.

The song starts with a soft vocal (See clip) and there’s a nice warm, soft reverb with a short tail.

The he hits the big chorus and there’s a big room reverb and a long tail.

In terms of audiobook speech and narration, dynamics is everything. I’m sure Mike must have some way of tracking the dynamics automatically.

The only physical way that I know of is to use a plate.

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Ben, I’m in tears. That and You’ve lost that loving feeling are my top two all time favourites.

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I created this video for you @Ben_Sound.

I hope it helps to answer some of your question!


OMG that is freaking awesome…

I would shoot off an email to Linn Audio (House of Linn in Manchester)
They are the best and very friendly.

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I add to that request