Correct settings for the DBX 286S with a mixing-console D&R Airlite

I am wondering about the DBX 286S settings which I have exactly copied, as shown in the YouTube Video by Mike, re-Produced the same settings; but somehow there is kind of a crackling noise while speaking into the Mic Rode NT1-A!

However I want to know at which my gain-knob of the audio-interface (in my case the mixing-console „D&R Airlite“) must be set to?

Thank you for the correct answer!

This has , i think, nothing to do with the gain setting, gain on the D&R table. I have the D&R Airmate USB - 8. You wrote "crackling"can you describe or place a small recording with the noise (crackling)?
If you use the mike are the speakers switch off? If the speakers are switched on you will have “round-singing” if the gain is set low or the fader of the volume, you won’t here it but later in the recording you hear it. Also have you tried to connect your mike on another mixing console? Do you still have crackling? If so maybe something wrong with your mike, if not then it can be your table or what I wrote above, Have you tried another channel on your table and is it still there?
Hope with these tips you can find where the crackling comes from.

Sure, I can help you with that @Barkaribbean!

It’s possible that the crackling noise you’re hearing with the dbx 286s and Rode NT1-A mic is caused by your gain knob on your mixing console being set too high. To find the best gain level for your microphone, start with the knob at the lowest setting and slowly increase it until you get the desired level without distortion or clipping. Use the LED meter on your mixing console to monitor the signal level and avoid going into the red. Find the best settings for your specific setup by experimenting.