Correct Chain Order

so, I have an audio file. I have carried out ENCN on it. After that I have applied a little de-esser and then lastly a gentle pre-set of mastering out of Ozone Elements. Would that be the correct order as I understand order to be crucial.

Also, talking of ENCN, in the multitrack you cannot apply Normalise to -0.1db. I click back to the wav form. Is that the correct/only way to carry it out?

There is no wrong or correct way, it depends from project to project. Generally speaking it’s good starting point, but for example I normalize after recording if that is necessary, I always try to record to max -6 db so I have enough head room to work with, so one of my, let’s call it starting point, chain goes:
comp 1
comp 2

then in multitrack

MB comp

That is on vocal, after that goes mastering chain.

This is form that I use for making standard commercials (supermarkets for example witch are always same). If I’m working on imaging, I would NOT (this was missing :smiley: )render file with reverb and delay, because then I can’t control them. In this case mentioned above, I give small amount of reverb and delay, and compression makes it louder and more noticeable trough the chain.

that is super helpful. Thanks so much @Saba