copied tracks disappear when changing view and dont return

Hi MRC community,

I bought the Production Template v3 the other week and have been getting to grips with it. However, I seem to have an issue.

I copied one of the 2 existing blank music tracks so I could have a total of 3 music tracks in my template for a particular project. I loaded the 3 short audio clips I was working with into their respective tracks and made the necessary edits. I then switched to a different view (using the shift + 1/2/3/4/5) and when I returned to the master view - supposedly with all the tracks in it - the copied audio track had disappeared…but only visually!

When I playback, I can still hear it but it appears nowhere in any of the views anymore.

A bit awkward because I need to move it now and cant grab it.

Why did this happen?
Where did it go? (it’s there somewhere I can still hear it)
How do I get it back?

Any help would be appreciated friends.


That is a great idea to duplicate a music track. Understandably tough when it dissapears on changing views! No worries, you can get it back.

Simply head to Window > Tracks and find your track in the Tracks box:

Next use the eyeball icon to show/hide it. You can even save it as a personal preset by finding Track Visibility in the hamburger menu on the Tracks window!

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Epic! Thanks Mike, keep up the good work sir.