Contant volume Tutorial Request

​Whenever I record something, my habit is that I keep changing the distance from mic and the result is that the volume keeps changing. How can I edit it in a way that it doesn’t happen?

Try using normalization. Menu > Favorites > Normalize.

That doesn’t really work for me, some parts gets loud while some doesnt

@sbilogic Try compression first or try to use the “GAIN ENVELOPE” effect, maybe that will help. Now you have the problem but it will be better if you fix it at the source. If you put your mouth very close and you have movements, you will have big changes at the volume. Try to be kind of 12 inches away from the mic instead, there you can move and the changes will be less of a problem. With a Pop filter you can have a reference of the distance.

You could use the Speech Volume Leveller. It’s a pretty powerful feature with a noise gate too to try and eliminate the breaths which it will otherwise boost in volume.

It’s effectiveness depends on your recording enviroment. For example I can record in my home studio and use it (even if it does boosts the breaths a little too much for my liking) but I can’t use it on anything recorded in the word studio as it’s just too noisy for that effect.

Covered for you on the live stream this week @sbilogic :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, I actually watched it live and it was exactly what I required.

Again, Thank you Mike! @Mike

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