Connecting audio into adobe audition

Hi just wondering can you help me?
Hi I’m new here and i have a problem with my audio what i have is a mixer, computer,adobe audition, and play out music software. I’m trying to record a music programme. Can you help me with this? What goes in where? I have a scarlet 2i2 focusrite sound card…and of course i have realtec audio driver in computer. Its doing my head in


First don’t stress.

Second is your mixer USB?

If it is USB then connect that to your computer (after installing drivers if necessary) and go into audition and set the hardware preferences to be your mixer input and map the channels to be your left and right from your mixer.

If you’re using a non USB mixer then connect the left output of the mixer to input one on your 2i2 and connect the right mixer output to input one on the 2i2. Then head to hardware preferences and set the input to be the 2i2 and again map the channels to left 1 and right 2.

I’m guessing the music you’re recording into the show is on the computer you’re recording the show to? If so the set up depends on the mixer. If it’s USB you may be able to route the audio direct through the mixer, if it’s not the take the line out from your sound card and input it to a stereo channel on your mixer.

Bear in mind if you use the output from your Realtek card it’s probably a decent consumer sound card but it’s not broadcast quality.