Community-Made MRC.FM Jingle

Hi All

Decided to make a contribution to this community for Music Radio Creative’s MRC.FM as a special thing for @Mike .

Take a listen to this effect and I do hope you enjoy. There might be one like this already, and it’s easy to make, but here it is anyway.

Let me know what you think.


Amazing backwards delay there @DavidHunterScot.

I really appreciate you spending the time on this. Thank you!

I’ll give it a play on the next live show :radio:

That would be awesome!

I love how you went BOOM…that’s the effect you’re using in the first line there. Obviously there’s no hiding tricks from you. :wink:

It’s thanks to your tutorials that I was able to create that piece of Audio. Would love some more dry audio to mix with along with your tutorials and streams.

I still have some old jingles you once produced for me for a station that didn’t really kick off, was more of a thing I did with a friend over the internet, so might work with those, but since I no longer use that “station” (if you can even call it that) anymore, it just doesn’t feel right.

If anyone has anything lying around audio wise that I could play with as part of my audio studies with @Mike, then please send them to me.

Anything made with MRC branded audio will be posted somewhere on here.