Common frequency-pattern of best VO

When i analyse frequency in Adobe audition for some of the best voices i found a common patter i found was; the below snaps. trimming all above 16k frequencies (very sharply). capturing all frequency below 16k at around -40db.

@Mike y ask here is how to achieve this cutting off above 16k frequency.

Frequency analysis

I’d use Parametric Equalizer for this with LP (Low Pass) enabled at 48dB/Oct at 16000 Hz as shown in the screen shot here…

You could also simply erase frequencies above 16000 Hz in Spectral Frequency Display but the former solution is a little more elegant.

@Mike thanks indeed.

would be great if you could add a youtube on how you practice VO, (is it all scripted or just key points, are you using teleprompter) how do you rehearse VO.