Chorus in audtion is lousy

6 voices, 12 voices?no problem, at least that’s what audition tells me. BUT: all chorus thingies sound lousy. Are there any better around?

There are a number of presets in the native Chorus effect which can then be tweaked using the individual settings in the Chorus panel which may get you the desired effect.

However if you’re not getting any joy trying that then you’re into third party plug ins. Waves Audio and iZotope are the big plug in manufacturers but remember these third party plug ins will be paid plugins.

If you’re looking at Waves then try to get a discount code and their plug ins and also on sale at the moment too.

Adobe Audition Chorus sounds great if you tweak the settings yourself rather than relying on only using presets. As @markdenholm suggests Waves and iZotope make some great plugins.

I like Waves Doubler and on a similar theme Waves MetaFlanger is simply out of this world!