Changing drum loops BPM and listening to samples prior to importing

Wondering if you have videos on the following two questions?

  1. Drum Loops: I have a loop at 90 BPM and I want to import it and change it to 100 BPM. Is there a function in Audition where I can simply tell the software what BMP I’d like to convert it to? I’ve had this functionality in other audio software editing solutions. Can’t seem to find this in Audition


  1. Importing Loops and listening to them before importing them: Is there a way to import a file and listen to it before I import it into Audition? Again, I’ve had this available to me in other software solutions but can’t seem to find it.


  1. Not as such but you can time stretch the audio to make it either a faster or slower bpm. Sent the time display to beats and bars, enable global time stretching and then make the audio 100bpm.

  2. Use the media panel to the left of your workspace and navigate to where your audio is stored and you can hear it simply by clicking it before then dragging the audio into audition.