Change Sample Rate of Session Template

Hey, can I change the Sample Rate of an already saved Session Template later on from 48000 Hz to 41000 Hz and save this Session Template as a new?

Hi Piitcilla

I’ve had a bit of a play but not had much luck myself. I’ll have to do some more research on that. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

I hope I can find an answer for you soon.


Sorry Piitciia, the chat ran out, so I couldn’t talk any further. But yeah, after trying a few things while the show was going, I couldn’t make the thing change its bitrate - neither with a “Save As…” or an “Export as Session Template…” -it didn’t give me the option to change the bit rate.

If you have a lot of settings and effects in your 48000 Hz template that you want to put in your 41000 Hz template, you would have to go to each of your settings boxes and save the settings with a new name of “effect name 48000”. Hopefully there won’t be too much to change.

Then go into your 41000 session and put the effects you want on each track using the settings you saved with the names of 48000 so that you know they are the right settings.

It can be a slow process, but unless there’s a way to go into the .sesx file and change something simply, it’s the only way to go as far as I know.

So, best of luck. I’ll keep doing more research for you. I hope we can find a solution :slight_smile:

Talk soon.

Hey David, thank you, I think I have found a way faster.

I think I have a solution. Can you check please, if this works correct?

  1. I go to where the Session Template is stored on my Mac
  2. I do a right click on the Session Template file icon
  3. then I can choose, in which application I want to open the .sesx file
  4. I do not choose Audition, I choose all available applications and choose a text editor f. e. Textedit to open the .sesx file
  5. Session Templates seams to be xml files
  6. no opened in Texteditor, you have got the Session Template in it’s source code
  7. search for all 48000 and replace it to 44100
  8. quit Textedit and save
  9. open Auditon and there is it, isn’t it?

Sorry the screenshots are in german language. But I think you know what to do. xml sourcecode I now from programming websites.

Hi Piitciia

I thought it might be something as simple as that. But I was reluctant to start going into how to change such a file. Obviously you have found it and well done!

Thank goodness Audition uses XML files. They are very versatile and you can read them with a text editor.

I note though that you have put 44000 and not 44100. I don’t know how Audition will react with that number. But it’s easy to fix.

Again, well done in finding it. I hope it works for you.

Just remember to open 48kHz files in your 48000 template. Otherwise if you open them in the 44100 template, they will be “Reformed” into the lower bit rate. Don’t worry, the originals aren’t lost, the newly reformed files have been put in a “Reformed Files” folder in the folder where your Session File is saved, and with the suffix “44100 - 1” just to let you know what’s been changed. So just close the session, don’t save it, and open the 48000 template and bring in your 48kHz files and all should be good.

I hope that all made sense. :slight_smile:

I know you’ll let me know if it doesn’t.
Talk soon.

Hey David,

thank you very much for your profound knowledge and help, it all made sense. Oh, that was a typo by making the scrennshots, it must be 44100 Hz of course. Thanks for the hint with the reformed files. I had no files in the template yet so that it does no converts. It is a blank template so far. All is good, thanks.