Change BPM in Audition CS6

I have been watching some of your videos on YouTube.
I woud like to change the BPM to be able to mix in a drum beat to a song to be able to hear clearly which type of dance a song is (Cha cha, Tango……)

I am a novice at this and I am a bit confused on 2 of the steps.
I’m working with Enrique Iglesias – hero (English) to slow down to 120bpm with a cha beat set.
In Audition - The actual audible 4-beats duration 2.13 = 113 bpm
Mixmeister bpm analyser shows 130bpm. (some songs even show a duration of 1.0.02 how do I calculate those?)
I’ve worked through all the steps as per your video.
When you selected the bars to change the tempo, it magically jumped to the selection.
Mine does not do that, it stays selected in the song, the crop feature is greyed out. I’m stuck.
Could you please clarify these steps a bit more?

Many thanks

Thanks for the question @Kristien you may require snapping to be on. If you hit the ‘S’ key on your keyboard that should enable it then you should be able to jump to the beats of a track in multitrack or waveform.