Capture Noise Print

I use a Blue Yeti to record to Audition (I know, I know) And USB brings noise to the recording.

I have presets to compress, limit my recording.

But I have to use Noise Reduction to capture the noise I want to eliminate. The noise print is similar each time. Is there a way to Save the noise print so that I can automate this step?

I’m not aware that there is.

I have a Bluesnowball that I use for Skype and I know on occasions when I’ve used that to record something quick in Audition the noise it captures is quite bad. I’d say it’s probably safest to capture the noise print every time as I know with my Snowball I’ve recorded a few things quick and the background noise has “looked” (in spectral view) different on each occasion so better to take the few extra seconds to capture an up to date noise print.

Alternatively if you’re processing in multi-track you could try adaptive noise reduction on the track with the voice?

Or if you’ve updated to CC2019 you could use the new de-noise that’s been introduced.


I have to update my PC to Windows 10 first. I knew this day would come.

It’s unbelievable I know but a radio station I do work on until 2 weeks ago was still running on Windows XP! Needless to say an old PC running an outdated OS crashed a lot!

Windows 10 isn’t too bad @cyberlarson, I was an early adopter. The only issue I’ve had is having done a clean re-install after a hardware fail I just cannot get Chrome to communicate with all websites but the OS itself I find quite good and reliable.

On my radio station we have also problem with windows updates. Automatization software called Fireplay stuck in Win XP time and had never again update. Company broke down. Let’s say 80% of Croatia radio stations use it, and everybody has same problem. Buying new piece of software or migration to newer one means all music database has to be changed. For little radio stations this is so non-profit and hard work.

Win 10 also have problem with updateing. One guy had problem, he didn’t know how to make update settings, so pc with automatization software that works 24/7, start update and restart pc out of work hours. :rofl: Whole night till morning, his radio was RIP.

You can disable windows updates in windows 10 but to do you have to go into services and not only stop the windows update service from running but also set it to start manually.

Out the settings itself there seems no way to stop updates from happening in windows 10. The best you can do is set them to happen outside active hours but as a radio playout PC there are no hours that aren’t active.