Can you manually edit SES files?

I actually use AA3 to produce full radio programmes. They’re here if you want to take a look!

Is it possible to manually edit .SES files? I would like to move some files around and it would be easier than having to re-find all the files as it loads the SES file.


Legacy .ses files are editable using a text editor as are the present .sesx files for Adobe Audition. Just drag them into your editor of choice and make changes to the text. The file is formated similar to xml so you should be able to search and identify what you need to change.

If it were me I’d re-link files in the Audition software as it’ll be easier and likely take less time.

Hi Mike!

Legacy .ses files are editable using a text editor

Hmmm. Here’s what I see when I load an .ses file into Windows 11 Notepad

Maybe I need to try another (better?) one?

(But yes, you’re probably right anyway :man_shrugging::grin:)