Can someone suggest a good Intro Tutorial to Audition CC 2018?

I am brand new to Adobe Audition, and can’t wait to use these presets, but am a little lost.

I just found the Mike Russel Tutorial (I’m sure it’s all I need :slight_smile: ), but if there is anything else that would help a beginner, please post a link.


Hello @Liam, Mike has already a playlist of tutorials. I link you to one, but if you look even the earliest, even do, their are not 2018, you will learn the basics.

Have a good day.



Thanks, yes, that’s the one I found

Jason Levine has an Audition series on YouTube that is pretty good. But Jason seems to get easily distracted. Mike is very focused and stays on point.

I first got Audition at 3.0. I had used cool edit pro before hand. I am self taught.

Granted CC2018 is much more powerful than 3.0 but the best way you can learn is to play.

Make copies of the audio files you’ll be working with and you can’t destroy anything by playing. Play in the wave form making destructive changes and play in the multitrack making non destructive changes. Remember not all the effects and options available in the waveform view are available in multitrack.

Audition on its own without any 3rd party plug ins is an extremely powerful editor and your editing, once you’ve played and mastered audition will only be limited by your imagination.

There are a lot of plug ins that do things audition can do natively so if you’re thinking of adding to your audition via plugins think first if audition can do it natively.

I used to watch the hour long streams last year. I watched for the community element of the stream primarily but also to see if there were more efficient ways of me achieving things. As someone who’s self taught I can achieve what I want in editing but I do sometimes question if there’s a more efficient way of achieving the same outcome.

YouTube is great for tutorials on loads of things. Just remember if you’ve got the latest version of Audition check the date of the tutorial as the content you’re watching may be outdated. A lot is of course cross compatible with the latest version but always try and watch a tutorial with the version (at least as close to as possible) that you’re working in.

I’ll check out Jason Levine, thank you

Thanks, Mark, that was much appreciated. I do always look first for the most recent tutorials, but have noticed, like you said, that some older tutorials still work well.