Cado's Super Handy Professional Mobile Podcaster Recording Rig

Found this setup combo for under €350

First things first. A glaring omission oblivious to the client.

  1. Reduce or treat close proximity hard reflective surfaces.

Interesting setup. There’s surely going to be plenty of mic bleed in this scenario? What mics are these @The_Tone_Arranger.

Some post noise gate or downward expander action may be required on the separate tracks recorded by the digital audio recorder.

Nope. No post edit processing required, (which is the whole point of client-based production) just clean audio in a clean environment.
Pre-record: Match input peak levels to -6db on Tascam with AGC off.
Shure PGA48s and Sennheiser cans.

2 x QTX DMS-01 Desktop Microphone Tripod Stand

Complete kit under €350

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I had a budget of €500 to come up with a complete, portable podcast recording rig and camera bag and this is by far the best built and sounding self-produced combo I’ve come up with.

Studiospares for accessories.

TASCAM DR40 V2 €150
PSU + rechargable batteries €20
2 x Shure PGA48 + holder and lead €86
2 x QTX DMS-01 Microphone Tripod Stand €12
2 x 16gb SD cards + USB reader/adaptor €20
2 x T.bone Shure Windscreen WS60 €5.20
Sennheiser HD21 Headphones €25
Padded Camera bag €22
TOTAL €340.20

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Having portable gear means you can go on location to record wherever interviewees are most comfortable, preferably with a nearby kettle … ( some dry up in a studio for example ).

This is more important than optimal sound quality.

An awesome kit list there @The_Tone_Arranger!