Cado On Lead Vocals And Harmonies And Everything Else

You Asked For It So Here It Is:

You’re welcome to use it as a music bed on the show.
We could turn this into "Mike’s Mixdown Challenge"

Best submitted mix wins a free month’s pass to the "Mike Russell VIP" page.

Here’s my Melosity link with the raw stems for anyone who wants to hone their mixing skills and submit them on here for to take part in the competition.

Web browser controls include Volume, Pan, Solo and Mute. Click on Tool Icon next to Track name to download stem.

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Great to have you onboard @Scott

That’s pretty cool… I like it

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Very cool Yes, oh Yes

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I just love this.
So laid back.
How do you turn it around so quick?
and the classic Cado licks too.

“Make tonight a wonderful thing”

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Very smooth indeed. Well done Cado!